An Emphasis on Planning

Phase I: Intake & Analysis

Our 4-phase financial planning processThis is our initial meeting where we get to know each other and ensure that a good working client/advisor relationship will be beneficial to all parties.

  • Collect important documentation
  • Identify immediate, secondary, and tertiary goals
  • Review a cash flow expense worksheet
  • Complete a risk profile analysis
  • Clearly explain all services, fees and expenses
Phase II: Plan & Design

Our 4-phase financial planning processTogether, we then make a comprehensive review of the information previously collected.

  • Full analysis is provided outlining any financial or planning gaps
  • Future projections of current investments and plan are highlighted
  • Review the personalized financial plan
  • Solutions are recommended based on objectives and risk profile
  • Advisory relationship created with clearly identified fee and expense schedule
  • Onboarding process can be initiated within 24 hours
Phase III: Implement & Invest

Our 4-phase financial planning processNow we implement your financial plan and investment strategy.

  • Letter of engagement and necessary documents generated
  • Collection of signatures and transfer of accounts
  • Continued communication until all action items during onboarding are complete
  • The goal is for process to be transparent, succinct and seamless
Phase IV: Monitor & Refine

Our 4-phase financial planning processWe monitor your plan and accounts on a regular basis to ensure the financial plan and investment objectives are being met according to your timeline.

  • Performance reports and statements are generated monthly for clients
  • Review plan progress and continually measure financial targets
  • Analyze, review and refine the investment holdings according to any life changes or market shifts
  • Quarterly meetings are held during the first year
  • Recaps of the account performance reports/statements

Fee Structure

In lieu of an AUM (assets under management) fee, the client may choose a monthly fee-based plan, based on an annual contract. Generally, the range of a monthly fee-based plan is $650-$1,650 per month for planning services as determined and mutually agreed upon through a financial planning agreement for a period of one year and renewed annually.

IPS Part A

Internal processes for new clients:

First meeting / Intake Session

  • Once you have scheduled a first appointment, you’ll receive an email with directions to our office and a guide for forms to either bring in or send back prior to the meeting electronically;
  • During the intake session, information is gathered, goals are defined, and fees and expenses are covered in full detail so that you a have a clear understanding of expectations going forward;
  • You are provided a sample letter of engagement to help identify objectives and define the scope of services necessary;

Second meeting

  • A full analysis of your initial intake session is provided outlining any financial or planning gaps and illustrating future projections of your current investments and financial goals;
  • Solutions are recommended based on your objectives and tolerance for risk as established during the first meeting;
  • We extend to you an offer to enter into an investment advisory relationship with a clearly identified fee and expense schedule via the ADV part B and IPS docs;
  • If you choose to move forward, then the choice of hard documents or digital documents is made and the onboarding process can begin within 24 hours;

Third meeting (optional)

  • Occasionally a client wishes to have a 3rd meeting to go over more details and that is at your discretion


  • Documents are signed and sent to Brookstone Capital Management and/or American Funds for a 529;
  • Your accounts will be transferred if required;
  • We will follow up with you via phone or e-mail during the process to confirm account opening, numbers, online access to custodian and client portal are all established and in good order.

Quarterly Meetings

  • Performance reports along with TD statements are generated monthly for clients;
  • Generally, there are quarterly meetings during the first year either in-person or via Skype at the client’s discretion; these are generally short in nature to provide a condensed recap of account performance and ensuring the client’s plan is on target;
  • All your questions and concerns will be addressed.