Paula Pass, CFP, Arkagos AdvisorsPaula Pass, CFP®, ChFEBC
CEO and President

CEO and President Paula Pass, CFP®, founded Arkāgos Advisors, Inc. to help people, not push product. By delivering straightforward financial advice instead of selling investment products, Paula is able to give undivided loyalty to her clients. Her mission is to provide transparent and goal-oriented financial planning as well as asset management services that serve the needs of her clients first. She is a Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant (ChFEBC) and can help federal employees plan around continual changes to their benefits and associated programs.

Paula serves all clients in a fiduciary capacity at all times as she also did during her early years in the financial services industry. As the director of operations for a wealth preservation and distribution firm in Atlanta and a financial advisor with Wells Fargo in the Washington, D.C.-area, Paula built a reputation on being fully committed to the needs of clients, the integrity of her service, and being fully transparent at all times.

Paula’s unique philosophy allows her to provide customized counsel to women who are seeking sound financial guidance without the hassle of something being sold to them. Through her association with WISER – Women’s Institute for A Secure Retirement – she is committed to helping all women achieve financial confidence.

Paula received her bachelor’s degree in political science with an emphasis on economics from the University of Georgia. She completed her Financial Planning Capstone Course at Georgetown University, School of Continuing Education and gained her Six Sigma certification through Emory University. She is a native of Atlanta, and resides in Alexandria, Virginia. She attends North Point Community Church and supports Nicaraguan Women and Children First Mission and Heart for Lebanon. Additionally, she is an alumna of Chi Omega and an active member of the FPA, Capital Chapter.

She has three adult children and enjoys swimming, cycling, and politics.